These 5 Simple Design Ideas Stand the Test of Time

5 Simple Design Ideas that Stand the Test of Time

Aug, 2019


Staying on the advent of new trends is not for everyone. These five tried-and-true solutions are a great way to stick to the classics and keep your home current.  


Minimalism. "Less is more" holds especially true for this home décor style. Clear visual clutter with accessible but out-of-sight storage. Furniture is functional and features clean lines, while colours are natural or neutral with added warmth from textured rugs, throws, and pillows in similar tones.


Built-in shelving. Bring ageless elegance — and a coveted selling point — to your home with built-in storage and display, and benefit from their easy utility and longevity. Keep to light colours, such as white, for instant sophistication.


Warm up. A fireplace is a cozy focal-point that shows no signs of going out of style. Surround-less built-ins with floating mantels are de rigueur, or update aging surrounds and mantels by resurfacing with paint, stone, or tile.


Accent colours. While neutrals are universally timeless, a bold accent colour in the form of a focal point, such as a wall, a couch, or a painting, can be a great way to bring life to any room.


Natural light. Light is the best way to highlight a room. Window treatments should be out of the way to optimize natural light but function for privacy as needed. Use ambient, accent, and task lighting to bring an enhanced glow to your space.



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