Is your home ready for sale?

With a hot market and warmer weather on the way, now may be the right time to sell your home. You will undoubtedly want to sell it for the highest possible price and ensure the closing moves forward with little to no troubles.

These tips will help you get your home sale-ready in today’s accelerated market.

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Staging Your Home

When selling your home, you’ll want to make a captivating first impression on the potential buyers who walk through the door. Start by de-personalizing the space, removing personal photos, keeping clothes stored away, and clearing bathroom counters of personal items. Next, get rid of clutter, deep clean common areas, and retouch minor paint scuffs to showcase a meticulous level of care for your home. Consider a call to us at 709-700-6820 to help determine what, if any, additional furnishings and elements could raise the bar in selling your home quicker and for top dollar.

Pre-Offer Inspections

Getting a pre-offer home inspection can highlight any property deficiencies that may need to be resolved prior to hitting the market, which gives you a chance to address concerns pre-sale. As discerning buyers will likely discover any existing issues with your home, being forthcoming displays a higher level of transparency and may mean one less condition on the offer. The inspection may also eliminate the need for re-negotiation and is an excellent way to boost buyer confidence.

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