How to Avoid Costly Renovation Mistakes

Home renovations can cost a pretty penny. But many jobs cost more than they need to. Rushing the process, being cheap on materials and bad DIY jobs can add thousands of dollars to your budget.

Here are five costly renovation mistakes to avoid during your next project:

1. Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Be sure to properly vet your contractor. Ask if they are licensed and have insurance. It’s also a good idea to see a portfolio of their past work before signing a contract. And when you do, be sure to set clear expectations for your project. 

2. Cutting Corners

If you’re going to invest in a major renovation, it’s important not to buy sub-par materials—especially if you’re doing work in high-traffic areas or where safety is a concern.

3. Too Much DIY

Projects like cabinetry installation, complicated tile work and finish carpentry are beyond the scope of most homeowners (even if you’re a DIY master) and can reduce the value of your home if done incorrectly.  Even paint and plaster, when done poorly can have a negative impact.  Like #2, cutting corners where skilled labour is needed can cost you in extra time and stress.

4. Leaving No Wiggle Room

Renovations almost always involve extra costs, so be sure to budget properly. Whether your contractor uncovers structural or electrical issues or you run out of supplies, it’s good to have a buffer in your budget.  Aim for 10-15% for overages on materials and labour.

5. Setting Unrealistic Timelines

A kitchen renovation can’t be completed in one weekend. Be prepared to settle in for several weeks of disruptions to your daily life.  Whenever possible, a vacant property, floor or room can speed up the time it takes to complete the job and move on to the next.  Consider the implications of living in the same space and the constraints it will have on your daily life. 

Are you considering a renovation? Put my expertise to work and ask me what projects will add to your home’s value.

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