Help Your Indoor Plants Thrive This Winter

Your houseplants may not have to endure snowfall and plummeting temps. But that doesn’t mean they’re not aware of the change in seasons.

Here are some ways to keep your indoor garden thriving amid the depths of winter:

Cut back on watering. Some plants use less water than they do when they are actively growing in spring and summer. A plant that gulped down a watering can’s worth of water a week in the summer may only need water once every two weeks in the winter.

Avoid temperature changes. As a general rule, if you’re comfortable with the temperature in your home, your plants will be too. But avoid placing plants near areas with drafts, air or heat vents, or close to doors that will commonly be opened, exposing them to harsh outdoor air.

Put down the fertilizer. Most plants go into hibernation in the winter. Put your fertilizer away in the fall and resume in the spring to wake them up again.

Give them a change of scenery. Which rooms get more daylight during the winter? If you have plants that need full sun, consider moving them for the season.

Bonus tip: Most houseplants grow best when humidity levels are high. But humidity levels drop in most homes during the winter. Give your plants a tropical boost by grouping them together to promote humidity or placing your pots on pot trays to trap moisture.

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