Choose the best school for your kids

Choose the best schools for your kids

Choosing the best schools for Your Kids

Simply select your preferred school’s name in the list below and search by your preferred school areas.  Help ensure your kids receive the best education. Our search results will show you a list of properties and a map outlining the boundaries of the school’s catchment area. Select a property to view more detailed information or contact an NLhomefinder REALTOR® today!

Greater St. John's Metro Area Schools

This Newfoundland real estate website is making it easier for you to search for houses for sale within specific school boundaries.

NLhomefinder's new tool includes Primary, Elementary, and Secondary school catchment areas in the Greater St. John's Metro Area Public & French School Boards and private education.

“Finding a home in a great school area is an important factor in the majority of home purchases, but it’s currently difficult for buyers to try and connect the dots between the school’s details, its boundary, and available listings in that particular area to make the best purchase choice for their family." - Brad Bragg

We’ve put that information in one easy-to-use place, integrated right on our school listings page.

The website’s new school search function includes 34 Primary & Elementary schools, 12 Intermediate/Junior High and 11 Senior High/Secondary schools all across the Greater St. John's Metro Area. NLhomefinder also includes similar houses for sale near the area, a customisable map that reveals boundaries, and individual school information such as contact listings.

Homes across the street from each other may be in different catchment areas. Understanding where your home is within a certain boundary can help with long-term transition planning and reduce unnecessary moves. Not to mention wealth accumulation – favourable school areas are highly correlated to real estate prices.

Canadian home buyers cite schools or school areas as an important factor for a future home purchase.

And this search option, exclusive to NLhomefinder makes it all much easier to accomplish.

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