Best Things to do at Home During Snowmageddon

Things to do during snowmageddon

While you and everyone else is snowed in during #snowmageddon, what are the best things to do at home during a snowstorm?

Here are a list of 5 top things to do at home during #snowmageddon:

  1. Working from home?
  2. Catch up on that book!
  3. Bored? Play a board game!
  4. Cooking up a storm(with a #snowmageddon recipe) 
  5. Browse for your next home / condo online

Working from home?  Treat the day like any work day, trying to shut off any distractions. While the storm blows outside, try some white noise, headphones or background music to keep concentrated.  Making a to-do list, and a work schedule can help keep a reasonable amount of work which can be done with the resources you have at home.  Reach out to those you need to by phone, text or email(phoning reserved for important and/or urgent discussions).  Perhaps create a new work group chat to keep close with your colleagues and on track of the tasks for the day. Clear through your inbox or phone messages and clean them up. It may take several hours, but if this is one task you've been avoiding, think of the satisfaction you'll have when you can sit back and look at a tidied inbox. Planning for the next work day is important, to keep your schedule full of your top priorities.  If you're contemplating a new role, brush up on your resume and take the time to apply for that new opportunity.

  1. Catch up on that book!  Browsing social media shouldn't count for all the reading that you do.  We all need to read more literature. Whether hardcover, paperback or ebook, find a comfortable relaxing space and start the reading! Since you've got all day / night you can truly make progress is you can commit to focusing on the book at hand. Prep before you begin by placing your phone on mute, and set a timer if you need to help focus on the time commitment to reading without distractions. The best things about librarys are they are still open online.  Go ahead and login with your account and borrow your next book. Check out the NLPL Digital Library.  Stay hydrated with whatever you like to enjoy, tea or coffee and especially water.  If you instead want to stay online, why not browse for some DIY projects you can complete at home.
  2. Bored? Play a board game!  Instead of online gaming, dust off any favourite past-time board game. Think checkers, good for all ages. Or you can even DIY a game of tic-tac-toe, or Gomoku which you can even get online.  Larger households can play monopoly, guess who, or Settlers of Catan, depending on who's playing. If you game online with friends, this is the perfect time to try a new game together.  The fun of playing any sort of game will make the time pass quickly.  While the easiest choice to some people may be to sit or lie down, watching tv or a movie, it is very inactive compared to the action and excitement which goes on (and you can create on your own) with a game at home with your family(or roommates). 
  3. Cooking up a storm.  With every pantry and cupboard filled with #stormchips, while you're snacking and sipping why not check out this warming winter veggie soup recipe (you probably already have all the ingredients on hand).  Not missing anything critical? Why not try the recipe as-is, or consider substitutes instead.  Even if stores were open, you're better off staying warm and safe indoors.  This can be a great time to be creative with food and recipes you enjoy.  Who knows you may even create some new favourite dish you'll have time and again.   So instead of opening that bag of chips or nuts and taking the easy route for your meals, the activity and heat created from some cooking at home can make you feel warmer and pass the time a little quicker.  Trying to keep yourself from watching the pot boil?  Why not spend some time on #5 while you wait.
  4. Browse for your next home / condo / rental online. NLhomefinder showcases many popular searches, such as Condos for sale(some with underground parking), Two Apartment houses, even all the latest New Construction properties available. Check out the popular Featured Communities Guide, including St. John's EastDowntown St, John'sMUNSouthlandsMount PearlParadiseCBS, and more.  Considering a new rental property?  There are many attractive leases throughout, if you're tired of your current rental or your needs have changed.  While we can look outside the windows and daydream, here are some luxury homes for sale, because hey you might win the lottery someday!  For the many first-time home buyers, you'll want to educate yourself and have a team of professionals working for you.  Thinking of selling now or in the near future?  Get in touch for a Current Market Analysis of Your Home.  For anyone looking to move, you'll find one you will love in one of our Popular Searches categories.

The #stormageddon2020 has even inspired a song; it's worth a listen!

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