5 Steps to Happier Houseplants

5 Steps to Happier Houseplants

Spring isn’t only a time of renewal for us. As the days get longer, your houseplants are beginning to wake up from their winter dormancy. Now is the perfect time to give them the tender love and care they need to thrive all year long.

Follow these tips for happier houseplants:

1. Repot: This is the ideal time to give plants a bit of extra space to grow by repotting, allowing their roots to stretch out and absorb more fertilizer. If your plants still have room for growth, add some fresh soil to the top.

2. Prune: Most indoor plants take well to pruning. In fact, pruning often encourages new growth. To start, cut off any leaves that are yellow, bruised, or shrivelled. Next, cut off any stems that have grown long and leggy or have put out only small new growth. New stems should form in their place!

3. Fertilize: There’s nothing like a good dose of nutrients to get your plants going after their winter rest! Now is the time to restart your fertilizing routine to give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive.

4. Dust and Wash: Did you know dust accumulation on leaves prevents light absorption in plants? Give your plants a little spring bath by supporting the underside of the leaf with your palm, and wiping the surface with a damp paper towel or soft cloth. You can also put your plants in the bath and give them a shower with tepid water – just be sure not to overwater!

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