3 Ways to Make Your Home Accessible for All Ages

3 Ways to Make Your Home Accessible for All Ages

October, 2020


As multigenerational families are opting to live under one roof, homeowners may want to renovate to accommodate this growing demographic. Here are some tips to create an inviting home, while also maintaining universal appeal for all occupants regardless of age:


Keep your options open When planning renos, keep your floor plan flexible. Resist the urge to take down walls and keep that main floor guest room or office intact; it could one day be converted to a master bedroom or a separate space for young adults. Pick non-slip flooring like carpet or vinyl and keep doorframes and hallways as wide as possible to accommodate all levels of accessibility.


Update your hardware Switch traditional doorknobs with practical levered handles. These are easier to manage in general, whether you have your hands full with a basket of laundry or have limited hand strength due to conditions like arthritis.


Strategically select your appliances Choose stovetops with easy-to-reach controllers at the front of the unit, install the microwave under the kitchen island or on the counter-top for easy access, and place front-load laundry machines side by side with the dryer instead of stacking.


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