How can a relocation agent add value to your home and help with resale when the time comes to sell?

The answer is: “Talk to us and have peace of mind throughout your move.”

Relocation clients, including members of the Canadian Forces expect a high degree of responsiveness and look for achievable results, quickly. We have vast experience with relocations and BGRS / Brookfield requirements, including international referrals and relocations.  Our clients list includes Relocations, especially CF Members. We are a registered 3rd Party Supplier for Brookfield Global Relocation Services.

If you are a CF Member expecting a Posting Msg and would like information prior to your HHT, whether on the surrounding areas or the current market, we would be more than happy to supply. Knowing the time restraints that you are under, when preparing for and during your HHT, your move will be a high priority to me. If a military relocation to St. John's  is in your future, I will start working with you before your arrival, keeping you informed, providing guidance and research. I will watch the market, prepare your Itinerary prior to arrival and commit to your needs while you are here.

An Upcoming HHT / Relocation?

You will definitely need an agent who is accessible, available and committed to your best interests. Please contact us directly and we can go over the information required to make your HHT / Relocation a success.

Need Help Finding An Agent In Your Local Area?  (across Canada or global)

If you have a house to sell at your current location, prior to being posted to or from NL, we can provide you with a contact for a successful and dynamic real estate Agent in your area. Being part of a large industry, means we have a large network of Agents in other military / relocation towns throughout Canada, all registered with BGRC. We are happy to do this referral for you and maintain contact throughout your move.

Need an Agent for your outgoing HHT / Relocation?

If you need an Agent for your outgoing HHT / Relocation then again, we can give you a contact who will guide and assist you with your move to a new area.